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Bugged T15 quiver & new event accessories

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Hello. Only few sentences, short post about bugged T15 elf quiver and this event bugged accesories too. T15 quiver bug is then equiping it - crossbow with quiver dissapear and cant cast skills. Have tried with t14 crossbow - same. Didnt donated this event because of waiting for admins 6 days for fix The quiver bug. But who donated and got new accessories said its bugged and then trying to equip it One of equiped accesories removes it self. Posting in this forum cause didnt have normal answer in almost a week. 

Screenshot_20190422-123046_Mu Origin Europe Online.jpg

Screenshot_20190422-123058_Mu Origin Europe Online.jpg





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Another bug  have noticed some time before when in arena was fightining for first place, after i reached first place was dropped to bottom score again in 300.

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Admins please be more active, because many players complaining about all these items, events, not active admins. We really enjoy playing in these servers and for you guys there wishing The best. (: and we hope today some answers, updates, fixes, some news. (:

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