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Why are my items gone?


my nik game parafin I 

I bought in-game currency.

Plus Card and 12500 diamond  and i play 5 rebirth 20 lvl 

give me back my nickname. level and weapons and the armor that I made before the appearance of the umbrella under the radar  (Tier 5 Equipment  +11 weapon and +7 armod +5 jewels and ring +4

and under the game card appeared icon I pushed something and I had a lot of crystals and I started playing

because my English is bad. I translate through a translator

nik in game parafin_ed  (I have another account jimbas)


and one more if deleted me delete all as everyone who had a button has in the account a lot of crystals

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Everyone who made nasty things is banned and deleted i think. If you donated, i bet he will refund you your diamonds.

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