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Found 3 results

  1. Server 06 Opening

    🔈GRAND OPENING SERVER 06.🔈 🔈FRIDAY January 11 03.00 PM UTC+2🔈 Server Version 3.0 A lot of new events, 100% in English Enjoy fantastic new Events and a powerful PVP Play to become the greatest. ⛔When you start you will be given lots of freebies. ✔️Over 100 Free Gift Codes ✔️Free Vip 8 ✔️Free Talisman Tier 12 ✔️Free 5.000.000 Bound Diamonds ✔️Free 50.000.000 Bound Gold ✔️Free Pet ✔️Play the best server ever !! Download game on Play Store (Android): http://mumobile.eu/google Website: http://mumobile.eu/ Chat with us: https://m.me/mumobile.eu
  2. New Server 4 Open 4th May 2018

    Hello dear Mu origin Europe players, we are happy to announce that server number 4 will be opened! Be ready for a new adventure in Mu Continent. New Server Opens May 04 2018 15:00 GMT+2 be ready to fight for top ranks! Website: https://mumobile.eu/ Warriors Land is waiting for you Here is the list of rewards are Waiting for you: Vip Level 4. 50 Million Bound Gold. 50k Bound Diamond. Crystals 10.000 x50 Talisman Tier 12 Free Monthly Card 27 Free Gift Codes At Start Download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mueurope.eu Available Gift Code List: NEWG2017 FREEBIES GRADE5 GREATMU WINGS WINGS2 MUEUROPE 1820 YEWEL FREEBIES2 GEMS HELLO JEWELS2 SUPER WINGS3 65000 SHAREFB098 FREEGIFT TNQ FREEBIES3 WEEKEND MUORIGIN EASTER FRIDAY 6QLPRJ 3HLPTY ZHTPAY AGTPAY Want to get even more bonus? You can! Tag in this facebook post https://www.facebook.com/mumobile.eu/videos/588516664849929/ 3 friends and +like and share this post on your time line(Post should be "Public" and visible on your profile time line otherwise you will not receive our bonus)! Send PM me (IN FACEBOOK) with screenshot of shared post and tagged friends and get our special share bonus: 50k Mu Origin Bound Diamonds and Bound Tier 10 Archangel Weapon!
  3. Hello all, new Mu Mobile Origin Europe server 2 will be opened on at 22. January 17:00 GMT+2, with that new cross server events will be available! With new server opening new bonus code - YEWEL Dont forget to use old codes as well, here is the list: NEWG2017 FREEBIES GRADE5 GREATMU WINGS WINGS2 MUEUROPE 1820