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Found 3 results

  1. Server 01-05, 06, 07 Merge

    Hello everyone we have merged servers 01-05, 06, 07 into one server. If you miss some character you need to delete some not needed characters from your account. Also we have added one new emblem level and talent system max lvl have been increased enjoy.PS here is a new weekly code: MAY0519
  2. Server Merge & New Server

    Hello all we have successfully merged server 01 with server 04. New server 05 has been opened enjoy. Available gift codes for server 05: BYRTA, ZZUOR, GYNQP, RTKUX, TMVID, VGRJY, 6QLPRJ, FRIDAY, ARCHIEVEMENT, FREEGIFT, BMOTG Free weekly code for all servers: QPUCZ
  3. Free Gift Code

    Want to get free Exp Seal x2, 1k Diamonds and 1k Bound Diamonds? Here is your chance use this coupon code in game: NEWG2017 and enjoy your reward. Code can be used only once.