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Found 1 result

  1. Server 06 Opening

    🔈GRAND OPENING SERVER 06.🔈 🔈FRIDAY January 11 03.00 PM UTC+2🔈 Server Version 3.0 A lot of new events, 100% in English Enjoy fantastic new Events and a powerful PVP Play to become the greatest. ⛔When you start you will be given lots of freebies. ✔️Over 100 Free Gift Codes ✔️Free Vip 8 ✔️Free Talisman Tier 12 ✔️Free 5.000.000 Bound Diamonds ✔️Free 50.000.000 Bound Gold ✔️Free Pet ✔️Play the best server ever !! Download game on Play Store (Android): http://mumobile.eu/google Website: http://mumobile.eu/ Chat with us: https://m.me/2329123363997030