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  2. будет включен ?
  3. Награда за квесты ну очень маленькие
  4. Статус вип

    Статус вип а не за много с 8 на 9 кристаллов 1 000 000
  5. Не маловато опыта за квесты
  6. В чате не могу показать итем
  7. дроп с рб и експа

    Увеличите дроп зен если монстры х5
  8. дроп с рб урезан немного на х5 сколько убил рб посохи двуручные даже не падают не для мага не для сумонера квесты дня опыт очень маленький
  9. Why are my items gone?

    my nik game parafin I I bought in-game currency. Plus Card and 12500 diamond and i play 5 rebirth 20 lvl give me back my nickname. level and weapons and the armor that I made before the appearance of the umbrella under the radar (Tier 5 Equipment +11 weapon and +7 armod +5 jewels and ring +4 and under the game card appeared icon I pushed something and I had a lot of crystals and I started playing because my English is bad. I translate through a translator nik in game parafin_ed (I have another account jimbas) and one more if deleted me delete all as everyone who had a button has in the account a lot of crystals