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  4. Server 06 Opening

    When is make download for ios platform?? is a lot of ios possesor’s in the world and they want to play the game one is me !!
  5. What hapens?

    What hapens with game not load all time white screen shows? Its only for me or for all?
  6. Server 06 Opening

    🔈GRAND OPENING SERVER 06.🔈 🔈FRIDAY January 11 03.00 PM UTC+2🔈 Server Version 3.0 A lot of new events, 100% in English Enjoy fantastic new Events and a powerful PVP Play to become the greatest. ⛔When you start you will be given lots of freebies. ✔️Over 100 Free Gift Codes ✔️Free Vip 8 ✔️Free Talisman Tier 12 ✔️Free 5.000.000 Bound Diamonds ✔️Free 50.000.000 Bound Gold ✔️Free Pet ✔️Play the best server ever !! Download game on Play Store (Android): http://mumobile.eu/google Website: http://mumobile.eu/ Chat with us: https://m.me/mumobile.eu
  7. Server Merge & New Server

    Hello all we have successfully merged server 01 with server 04. New server 05 has been opened enjoy. Available gift codes for server 05: BYRTA, ZZUOR, GYNQP, RTKUX, TMVID, VGRJY, 6QLPRJ, FRIDAY, ARCHIEVEMENT, FREEGIFT, BMOTG Free weekly code for all servers: QPUCZ
  8. Lost items

    Admin why is my items in my bag was lost even if i did not sell it platina, bill of balrog, sword of destruction and bone blade and also holy chest my character is archer in server 3 becky.bawdon.. Please admin
  9. New Server 4 Open 4th May 2018

    Hello dear Mu origin Europe players, we are happy to announce that server number 4 will be opened! Be ready for a new adventure in Mu Continent. New Server Opens May 04 2018 15:00 GMT+2 be ready to fight for top ranks! Website: https://mumobile.eu/ Warriors Land is waiting for you Here is the list of rewards are Waiting for you: Vip Level 4. 50 Million Bound Gold. 50k Bound Diamond. Crystals 10.000 x50 Talisman Tier 12 Free Monthly Card 27 Free Gift Codes At Start Download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mueurope.eu Available Gift Code List: NEWG2017 FREEBIES GRADE5 GREATMU WINGS WINGS2 MUEUROPE 1820 YEWEL FREEBIES2 GEMS HELLO JEWELS2 SUPER WINGS3 65000 SHAREFB098 FREEGIFT TNQ FREEBIES3 WEEKEND MUORIGIN EASTER FRIDAY 6QLPRJ 3HLPTY ZHTPAY AGTPAY Want to get even more bonus? You can! Tag in this facebook post https://www.facebook.com/mumobile.eu/videos/588516664849929/ 3 friends and +like and share this post on your time line(Post should be "Public" and visible on your profile time line otherwise you will not receive our bonus)! Send PM me (IN FACEBOOK) with screenshot of shared post and tagged friends and get our special share bonus: 50k Mu Origin Bound Diamonds and Bound Tier 10 Archangel Weapon!
  10. Server down

    Is there a maintenance? Coz i cant open the game. Even my friends.
  11. Nuevo

    Codec 50k no me funciona. recharge. Sharefb098.
  12. Nuevo

    Hola amigos soy nuevo en el juego necetaria codecs i ayudas no se como conseguir los diamantes sin atar i no se tan poco como i cantidad de fama que dan gracias. [ SUPER ]
  13. Why was my account blocked?

    My Nickname is Bygle My Account was blocked without a reason i went offline and 2 hours later "ur character is temporary blocked please talk to adminstator"
  14. Code

    Is there a new code for this week
  15. Server Merge Completed

    Hello all we have successfully merged servers 01 and 02 you can enjoy now playing with your characters. And here is a new Gift Code for you: MUORIGIN
  16. Server Merge & Other Information

    Any news on server merge today!
  17. Server Merge & Other Information

    Great news !
  18. Server Merge & Other Information

    Hello MU origin Mobile players, we are preparing server merge for more fun and excitement. Servers 01 and 02 will be merged on 28th march 2018 at 15:00 GMT+2. After server merge new updates are coming, new fashion sets, new wings, new pets are available in events. Added New Items in to Lucky Wheel. We welcome new players to join our server. In total we have 19 Bonus codes which will help your journey at our Mu Origin Mobile Europe server! To received gifts, got to: Benefit, then scroll down to Coupon Code (after Daily login tab), and type your codes there! Bonus codes list! YEWEL: wold soul powder, deity gems, bound diamonds NEWG2017: Bound Diamonds, exp seals FREEBIES: Pet, great gift pack of wings, bound diamonds, great gift pack of achievement, xmas gift pack GRADE5: Crystals, grade 5 equipment chest, spring festival spark gift pack, GREATMU: Spirit gems, achievement seal, fame seal, advanced fruits x300, bound diamonds, blessing & sould gems WINGS: Mystic feathers of roke, colorful feathers, hawks spark, feathers WINGS2: Mystic Feathers of roke, colorful feathers, hawks spark, feathers WINGS3: Bound Gold, daily gem, mystic feathers of roke, colorful feathers MUEUROPE: Bound Gold, divine essences, emblem guardian, emblem of light 1820: Blessing gem, advanced fruits, crystals, bound gold, gems GEMS: Maya gems, bound gold, reforge points, bound diamonds, wolf soul powder, gems HELLO: Hawks spark, feathers, reforge points, crystals, VIP growth points, achievement pack, feathers of roke, colorful feathers, star souls JEWELS2: Grade 8 Equipment chests, daily gems, SUPER: Star souls, reforge points, soul powder, gems, VIP growth, achievement pack, crystals 65000: Bound diamonds, reforge points, bound gold, grade 5 equipment chests, divine essences FREEGIFT: Super gem pack, VIP growth, great gift pack of achievement, elf gift pack TNQ: Daily gems, locke deity feather pack, mystical feather of roke, super gem packs FREEBIES2: advanced achievement seals, crystals, star souls, feathers FREEBIES3: crystals, star soul, mystical feather of roke, feathers PS: Mobile recharge will be back today and app for ios will be ready very soon.
  19. Beerus

    its his secret??
  20. Charge issues

    Why Allopass is out from payment methods? i did a recharge like 15 mins ago, then when i loged into the game there were no more Allopass. Are there a way to redeem my SMS Code or get the diamonds instead? did i lost my money? what should i do now?. Thanks and GLHF
  21. Devil square limit

    Hello, I'm VIP 8 - 10 Rebirth and I'm supposed to be able to visit Devil square 5 times a day, by I only went 2 times for today and system it shows that I've been there 5 and don't let me go again (3rd)
  22. What's main quest "Better Way"?

    Hello all. Could you please tell me how to solve the main quest better way? I appreciate your help.
  23. How to use Rune of Dust

    Hi guys. Could anyone tell me how to use Rune of Dust? Divine Essene? Wolf soul Powder? and Angel gift? I appreciate your help. Thank you
  24. Sumonner vs Wizard

    1.Why sumonner 1kk bm have more total damage in Devil Square, than wizard 2kk bm? Myabe make down damage for marmid? 2.In PvP Summoner die, marmid continious battle without summoner. Please make fix
  25. any new code GM

    Give a new code GM, please
  26. Soul System

    Why my SUmmoner has Soul System but my Dark wizard or friends Dark Knight hasnt? both DK and DW higher rebirth than Summoner. thanks
  27. Set Tier 102

    Good evening MU player. Could you please let me know how to get clothe set tier 102? one more thing Can we use the account and password from MU origin to play with this new sever 2.0 EU? Best
  28. Gift

    Witam, kiedy wejdą nowe kody? Proszę o kody do stworzenia setu t10 o ile to jest możliwe. Pozdrawiam
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